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What is sustainable practice?

Sustainable practice in business is a commitment to socially responsible values in relation to the environment and economics. 

How are our methods sustainable?

Avian Environmental Consultants ltd was born out of a love for Ornithology and a deep respect for nature, which is why we are committed to preserving our ecosystem. Our methods are a natural form of biological control. By flying our raptors, we are able to remove the presence of "pest birds" from roosting in rafters from causing property damage whilst minimising the risk of the transmission of airborne diseases.


Why is this important?

Our methods DO NOT damage the food chain. The use of poison and shooting has had detrimental affects upon large swathes of specie, not just pest birds. We do not use these methods of bird control.

How are we committed to our environment?

Instead, we minimise the impact on our environment by utilising the medieval art of falconry, bio-acoustic systems and proofing. Included within our services, we recommend how businesses can adopt more long term sustainable practice, for example; installing peregrine & kestrel boxes on their premises which supports a self-maintained habitat.

Our business has thrived for 35 years deploying these methods with great success. We are experts in the sustainable practice of bird control. 



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