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If you require bird control services for problems with pigeons, gulls, starlings and any other problem species, contact us today to request a free, no obligations site visit.


The reason for using birds of prey is that they are at the apex of the avian chain. There are two basic fundamental biological reactions, “Fight or Flight”. The correct hawk or falcon introduced in a controlled way will initiate a flight response. This manifests itself in “flocking” behaviour and dispersal of the problem species. The most characteristic display of this is the tight flocking of starlings (sturnus vulgaris) and feral pigeons (columba livia) in the presence of a predator.

We have deployed our Bird of Prey Programme in a vast array of locations from Canary Wharf, hospitals, property developments, sports stadia, train stations, landfill sites, water treatment works, property development sites, planning application areas, airfields, to film sets, and many more in between! No matter what your bird control needs are we can work with you to provide sustainable solutions for your bird problem.

There are many differences between 'Bird of Prey Programmes' and Falconry; the most significant difference being the falcons we fly are trained solely for their 'deterrent effect'.

Species utilised include; Peregrine Falcon (Falco Peregrinus) which are very effective in dispersing Gulls, Corvids, Lapwings (Vanellus Vanellus) and Starlings. Other species of medium-sized falcons we use are Lanner (Falco Biarmicus) and Saker (Falco Cherrug). The Merlin (Falco Columbarius) deters House Sparrows (Passer Domesticus) and Starlings, and The Harris Hawk (Parabuteo Unicinctus) is a natural predator to Starlings, Feral pigeons and Sparrows.​



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