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Here at Avian Environmental Consultants, we are committed to education and advocacy - for 35 years we have dedicated time to support outreach. We offer School, University and historic building visits to encourage appreciation and understanding of the natural world around us. 

Conservation is an extremely important element of this. Our ecologically sound approach to bird control was born out of our love for ornithology. Having an appreciation for wildlife and an understanding of the broader interdependent web of life is essential in our line of work to ensure bird control mitigates both risks to humans and the environment.

Education is vital. We want to support everyone, from young to old, to be equipped with the knowledge to understand and drive connection with their local environment. From bird walking tours, to falconry events, we can build a programme that suits your needs. 


Please get in touch to find out more about how we can work together to build key educational curriculum links. 

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